4th grade skate FREE program

We are excited to announce that, for the third consecutive winter, we will be offering a "4th Grade Skate Free" program for all schools in Okanogan County. Participating schools will have a morning set aside to bring their 4th graders to the rink for a private, 2-hr. ice skating session. Once the students complete this session, they will be registered in the program and can skate for free during any open skate session this season. 

We want to thank the Give Methow campaign for donating $1,350 in 2014 to the rink to be used for the 4th Grade Skate Free program . We will be using the funds to purchase new skates to be used for the program.

Did you miss the 4th grade rink field trip day for your school? No problem! Bring a current student id or recent report card and we will sign you up.