Winthrop Rink has six dedicated, passionate members on the Board of Directors that are constantly searching for ways to improve the rink. In addition, Winthrop Rink employs one Manager year-round and 8-10 other employees seasonally. Though we have had too many volunteers over the years to count, we also have seven volunteers that are in charge of various winter programs.


Steve Bondi - rink manager,

Jaime Richison - Assistant Manager,

Anna Sand - Program Coordinator,

Ryan Bell - Lead Zamboni Driver

Jeff McDonald - zamboni Driver

Bo Thrasher - Zamboni Driver

Raven Odion - Cashier

Ashlin Williams - Cashier

Board of Directors

Jill Calvert - President

Kelli Rotstan - Vice President

Rick Mills - Treasurer

Melissa Peterson - Secretary

Cynthia Lochhead


Ann Glidden - learn to skate program instructor

tedra acheson - learn to skate program instructor

Chad Bresnahan - Youth Hockey Head Coach - 6U

Justin Porter - youth hockey Head Coach - 8U

Paul Peterson - Youth Hockey Head Coach - 10U

james DeSalvo - Youth Hockey Head Coach - 12U

Katie Leuthauser - Youth Hockey Head Coach - 16U Girls