In 2015, Winthrop Rink received a $497,000 matching funds grant from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation office to install refrigeration under the existing rink and add an extension on the existing building for expanded office/rental space, changing areas and public restrooms. In May of 2015, we reached our goal of raising $497,000 and the dream of guaranteed open air, outdoor ice skating.


In order to install the refrigeration system, we used 3 layers of visqueen (plastic sheeting), 4 inches of foam, 16 tons of rebar and wire mesh, 13.5 miles of PVC refrigerant pipe, and 37,000 rebar ties. Then, 165 yards of 5" thick cement was poured over the top, with only one inch of cement covering the pipes themselves.



This project would not have been possible if it were not for the hundreds of volunteers that spend hours excavating and leveling the ground, laying the pipe, setting rebar and tying the rebar ties, framing and finishing the building, painting, sanding, putting up siding, bringing food for volunteers and so much more. In total, 300 volunteers contributed to the project for a total of 4,200 hours worth a value of $77,000 towards the matching funds of the RCO grant. Separated out for just the rink part of the project, we had 123 volunteers for 1,105 hours in 3 weeks worth a value of $31,000. In addition, over 28 local businesses donated time and materials totaling over $58,000. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS AND BUSINESSES!


Building expansion

In addition to the refrigeration, we have added on 3,000 square feet that includes four changing rooms, two showers, a larger employee/skate rental area, office and rental space on the second floor.