Ice Skating Field Trips

What better place to take your students for some outdoor winter fun than Winthrop Rink! Most Mondays-Thursdays throughout the season are available for class field trips. Two-hour time slots are available between 11am-1pm.


We offer quantity discounts* based on how many students and adult chaperones you plan to bring on the field trip. We require a minimum of 15 students and adults in order to book a private field trip.  Below is the breakdown of discounts we offer (keep in mind that standard admission and skate rentals for children is $10 and for adults $13):

  • 15-20 people = $8/person

  • 21-30 people = $7/person

  • 31-40 people = $6/person

  • 41+ people = $5/person

*discounts are only available for school field trips during the week.


If interested, we offer a tour of our ice plant to explain the science behind the refrigeration system. We also give a demonstration of the Zamboni and describe how the machine shaves the ice, as well as how it dumps the ice after the ice cut. This would last approximately 10-15 minutes and we can leave time for kids to ask questions.


For information regarding available dates please contact